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Crazy Hair Style Ideas

It is always a good idea to look different, not just different but completely out of phase with the rest of the stock. Crazy hair is what you need to be noticed as an outcast of a given community of hairdo. Some people just like the fact that they are different and there is no greater thing to achieve this than having a set of crazy hairdo. From musicians, children, mothers, fathers, actors and actresses, models and so on, crazy hair is what will make all these individuals receive a fast and direct reception. Have you ever asked yourself this question: What does it take to be recognized in less than a minute in a public place? Well, it does not take much, just get yourself a messy hair style and you will be surprised to see a crowd gazing at you with sharp eyes.

Crazy hair style ideas are what you need in order to get the best crazy hair style. The first place that you can actually find abundant of crazy stuff on how to get crazy hair styles is the internet. Some of the major ideas that you will encounter include the following. People with short and curly hair can choose to comb part of the hair upwards to form some form of a crown, then you can dye your hair half way to create the difference between your hair’s tone and other people’s tones. Long hairs are even better; you can make some weird big pony tails that face all directions. In addition, you can fix some small plastic-egg shaped object into the spaces of your pony tails. Some crazy hair styles can be obtained by combing your hair anyhow.

Ladies can still make use of wigs that have big crowns and varied colors to create the humor. Remember that your aim is tool messy and crazy, so any interference with your hair style will definitely lead you to a crazy hair style. You can also decide to settle for braid hair style. Direct you hair dresser to plait big and an even braids that are positioned anywhere on your head. Ladies with long hair can choose to have pony tails over the forehead as well as plait their hair on the side ways and then create a crown in the middle. You can also decide to where a big wig of Rasta colored as per your national flag colors.

Haircuts are also very good and in fact excellent methodology of looking crazy. You can shave half of your head and leave the other one. As a man you can choose to leave a thin section of your hair at the middle and shave the rest. There are occasions where you can also decide to shave everything and leave an image of a fierce animal such as a snake, shark, leopard and son. If you have long hair, you can choose to shape it into a triangular shape, rectangular shape, and diagonal shape and so on. A man can also shave everything on the head and leave a big pony tail hanging over the shoulder.