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1-Wavy Side Ponytail With Side Bang


That’s the very usefull and the one of the gratest looking hairstyles in this category. It is easy to do it and very impressive hairstyle. And this haircut is mostly using in gradunations in weddings etc. It is very lovely


2-Smart Short Bob With Long Side-Swept Bang

This hairstyle is good for the womens who has a short haircut. Because it is good looking and this hairstyle is very suitable for every place every activity (not for the advanture ones) and it is also easy to do it.


3-Simple And Elegant Twisted Topknot

This hairstyle is a little bit hard but if you do that hairstyle it is definitely suit you because this hairstyle is very good looking for every activity. (including adventure) You can get a help to do this hairstyle because as I said it is a little bit hard. The most important think in this haircut is be a smiling women after that it will suit you.


4-Straight High Ponytail With Puffy Top

And there is a straight high ponytail. This haristyle is very easy and very suitable for office womens. This hairstyle construction is very simple as I said. And It is probably suitable for a corporate woman.


5-Messy High Bun With Twisted Hair Wrap And Layered Fringes

Disregard this hairstyles name. Because it is one of the most preffered hairstyle. It is easy to make and very suitable. At the same time, you can pick up beautiful layered fringes above your head to equilibrium the remainder of your hair. Because it is not enough to complete your perfection and good outlook.

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