The Most Trend Messy Bun Models of 2019


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The Most Trend Messy Bun Models of 2019

Get inspired by these models if you want to get a cool messy bun!
When we try sitting at home, we get the ‘wonderful’ messy knob, we can’t do it when we go out. If you complain about the same problem, welcome to the club! If you want to look at messy bun models, get to know the messy hairstyles that will suit you best, this article is for you. When you say messy hair bun, just don’t think of the house knob. In this article, you can learn natural bun models, easy bun making and the points that should be considered while making bun. We’ve identified the inspirations and key points we need to achieve a flawless messy bun. Read on to familiarize yourself with the messy bun models.

Side Scattered Bun

Side bun model is one of the most beautiful hairstyles among messy hair buns. If you want to show the volume of your hair over your shoulders, you can make the bun on the side instead of right on the back. The side-tangled bun model is particularly suited to medium and long hair. Make your hair a ponytail on the side first, then twist to give the appearance of a messy bun. You can combine this hairstyle with your bangs or bangs.

Low Messy Bun

We love the scattered bun models on the neck. For this hairstyle you can get a stylish look by waving your hair with tongs. Hair mousse is sufficient for daily hair knob. While the bun is scattered on the back of the hair with a hair bun, then collect the hair to give the appearance of a bun. Instead of making this hairstyle look flawless, you need to keep it a little shabby. Remember, the more shabby the messy bun model looks, the cooler it will be.

Double braided messy bun

Even if you say don’t give up my braids, even if it is a messy bun, you can examine the double braided messy bun model. Rather than knit your braids tightly to bring the volume of your hair to the fore, you should knit by loosening and loosening. After knitting the tufts of fine hair on both sides, make your hair bun above. Wave the tufts of hair hanging from the bun with tongs to make them look more natural. Finally, do not forget to fix the braided messy knob with hairspray.

Voluminous scattered bun

When we say the messy bun, we first think of voluminous hair. For these XXL-looking hair buns, you have to shape your hair step by step to make it look more shabby rather than making a bun at a time. First, divide your knob into tufts, then fix these tufts on the knob to make them look fuller. By releasing the remaining tufts of hair, you can get a stylish messy bun.

Loop messy bun

If you like elegant hairstyles, you’ll love the looped messy bun. For this hairstyle you must first wave your hair with hair foam. Then twist her hair to give the appearance of a stylish messy bun. You can choose this hairstyle for important meetings or romantic gatherings. Loop messy bun is quite popular among bridal hairstyles!

Bun for short hair

For the short-haired, the messy bun looks tough, but we’re sure you can! When making a messy bun, you can get help from the hair spray to keep your short hair out. Instead of making all your short hair bun, you should try the half bun model. So you’il have more control over your hair. If you want to see more detailed bun hairstyles for short hair, you can read this content.

Don’t forget to use these tips to get the perfect messy bun!

Don’t squeeze your hair too much

You shouldn’t pull your hair tight while making a messy bun. That’s why the bun we make while sitting at home is better. You should make your bun loose and comfortable by collecting your hair. Thus your knob will look much more natural. You can think that when you’re comfortable with your hair, it’il go bad during the day. Don’t worry, we got him. By fixing the bottom of the bun with wire buckles, you can prevent the hair from deteriorating.

Gather your hair straight

You shouldn’t straighten your hair before you make a bun. Just apply hair care oil to your hair ends and start collecting. If you pick up your hair after straightening it, you may not get the natural look you expect. If you’re complaining about fluffy hair; When drying your hair, we recommend applying the hair dryer from above. So you can make bun easily without having to straighten your hair.

Leave tufts in front of your hair

The most important step of the scattered bun is the tufts of hair left from the front. You can get a more natural look by leaving fine tufts in front of your hair and ear edge before you start your bun. If these tufts are curly, you can straighten them up or shape them with a hair spray.

Use hair spray

When you make a messy bun, you must fix it with a hair spray. Because the more messy your hair looks, the more bad it is. You don’t want your hair to go down right after you try so hard, do you? Squeeze the hairspray onto the knob and the front of the hair.

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