Top 10 Drawing Programs

You don’t need manual dexterity to make good drawings. It is enough to use drawing programs on the computer, because even the line world is turning through computers. While drawing programs create beautiful graphic designs, they make life easier for many people with their practical use. Here are the top 10 drawing programs!

You don’t need to be a painter or graduate from the faculty of fine arts to make good drawings. From the graphics section, maybe… However, if you know how to use practical computer programs can make your job easier. Today, graphic design is very valid because graphic design is needed in every field. Developing technology and computer software also offer different options and programs for users. With the best drawing programs, users have the opportunity to design from animation to artwork, 3D drawings to product drawings.

Popular Drawing Programs Here

Corel Draw

corel draw drawing program

The Corel Draw program, which is mainly used for printing graphics, is a program used in the design of printing products such as business cards, flyers, brochures, digital printing and advertising signs. Founded as a vector-based design program and actively used as a graphic design program in 1989, Corel Draw is an ideal and easy program for beginners.

Adobe Illustrator (Ai)

illustrator drawing program

Adobe Illustrator is also a vector-based graphic design program. This program, which is mainly used for printing, is preferred for flyers, brochures, books, magazines, newspapers and business cards. Having an advanced vector base is an important reason for professional designers to choose this program. This program allows you to reduce or enlarge the size of the image without having to experience pixel problems. At the same time as a program where users can fully reflect everything they want, it makes things easier and is preferred by many people.

Adobe InDesign

indesign drawing program

Adobe InDesign is a very preferred program as a page design program. The details of this program, which offers a lot of opportunities to the designer in terms of creativity, attracts the user in many ways. The program works in accordance with Adobe Photoshop versions. Because Adobe InDesign enables multi-page designs where color, shadow and other measurement settings can be adjusted individually, it is also preferred for page designs of world-famous newspapers and magazines.

Adobe Photoshop (Ps)

photoshop drawing program

Adobe Photoshop is both a versatile program and one of the most popular computer programs. You’ve heard of this program a lot, especially from job advertisements, because it’s a privilege to know how to use Adobe Photoshop for hiring. The main objective of the program is to uncover a new design with another image on one image. It is also possible to create new designs by combining pictures. Adobe Photoshop, a pixel-based design program, has the feature of being a functional program that can create practical and free designs for users with updated versions.

3ds Max

3ds max drawing program

3ds Max is one of the advanced software and it is preferred with the possibility of making 3D works. In the program, designs can be rendered in 3D by users. If we say one of the best programs that makes imagination a reality for this program especially used for automobile designs, we won’t exaggerate. 3DS Max, which is used frequently by interior designers, is one of the most used computer programs of professionals.

Adobe Flash and ActionScript

adobe flash drawing program

ActionScript is known as an encoding language used in Flash. Complex functions can be added to applications with ActionScript. Generally used for web design, this program fits the keywords in its data system and performs its functions in this way.

Free Hand

free hand drawing program

Free Hand is a desktop drawing program. It is possible to get extremely high quality results through the images and graphics created using this program. The program has a strong pixel size and makes it possible to reduce or enlarge an image. The program is simple to use, so the number of users is also quite…

Adobe Dreamweawer

Adobe Dreamweawer drawing program

Dreamweawer is a program that allows changes to web pages. It is also known as a web development program which is designed to develop pages and create new designs. One of the html editors, Adobe Dreamweawer is one of the programs that users prefer with its features.

Google Sketchup

google sketchup drawing program

A free, easy-to-learn 3D modeling program, Google Sketchup is a highly practical computer drawing program that allows you to draw everything in 3D. One of the most prominent features of this program is the possibility to add details. In this way, more realistic 3D drawings can be obtained. You can print your work as well as send it by e-mail.


blender drawing

Blender is also used as a free 3D modeling, animation, presentation, interactive clip making and playback software. The most important feature of the small size of the computer thanks to the drawings can be made without any slowdown. Let’s remind you that there are even movies made using this program.

Why is Graphic Design Necessary?

Today, we live in graphic design in every field from the launch of a new product to the design of brand logos. How do you live with graphic design, which has become one of the most relevant occupations? The fact that you are not aware of it is hiding behind the drawing programs.

• You buy things almost every day, don’t you? Especially all new products go through drawing programs first. Cars, homes, technological devices are always modeled using graphic design programs. Even after food products have graphic design. Those very janjan and attractive packages are now designed by means of computer programs.

• All three-dimensional designs are of course graphics and we can see it as if we had another product before it was released. Thanks to 3D modeling, we are able to identify where there are deficiencies.

• How do you think the animations you watch in the cinema are made? Now everything is done only with graphic design programs. Behind those animations there is a good drawer, but this time with the computer program, not with a pen …

• You are exposed to dozens of brands’ logos, advertisements and full-size posters every day. Everything you see around you is a graphic design product. The persistence in mind and the attractiveness of the designer remain mastership.

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