Top 5 Free VPN Programs

VPN is a term we often hear, especially in times of internet access. Many people may even have first met VPN in this way. So, what is VPN, how to use it? Do I have to pay for using VPN? Here are the top 5 VPN programs!

Virtual Private NetworkOlan is the abbreviation of VPN It means “virtual private network ve and allows you to connect to the internet through another IP address. VPN it not only allows you to connect to the Internet, but also makes the connection more secure. The VPN that encrypts your connection when connecting to a network also hides your identity. It is also possible to use VPN, which has many advantages, free of charge. First of all, if we look in detail what VPN is used for, we can say:

  • It is often used to access restricted and prohibited sites. With VPN, your address appears to be in another country, thus preventing access to banned sites.
  • Most of the time due to illegal file downloads Torrent site can be banned. This reveals the need for VPN.
  • VPN is important for security in remote works. Companies prefer this. Similarly, VPN is an important connection tool in the management of the school network.
  • Security is an important issue when using the Internet karşılık In particular, the risk of getting bank information in the hands of others VPN programsis very important to benefit from. These programs also provide password security and protect you from cyber attacks.

Best, safe and free VPN programsWe have listed for you.

Tunnelbana is

TunnelBear stands out as a VPN program that guarantees top-level security and unidentified web activity. However, it is useful to underline that the internet speed is very low due to intensive usage. Offering users free 500 MB VPN service per month Tunnelbana is To increase your quota, just tweet about it.


ProtonVPN is a very ambitious program on privacy and security issues and Tunnelbana is stands out. Moreover, it has a very good performance in terms of internet speed. You can get better efficiency from paid version but if you don’t prefer to pay for VPN protonvpnThe free version will also do the trick.

Hotspot Shield

In fact, one of the most popular VPN services of an era Hotspot Shield. There were times when it was used even more than TunnelBear. However, when it came to discussions about user privacy, this popularity was on the shelf. Nevertheless, let’s underline that it is a good and high quality VPN service. You have 7 days free trial period and you can choose.

Windscrib to

One of the best providers of free VPN services Windscrib to. It provides high-speed access to 10 different countries. In addition, it is free with a quota as high as 10 GB. You should also consider these criteria when choosing from VPN services.


Finally, another VPN service we can recommend nordvpn. The most important feature of this program is that it has an extremely simple and convenient user interface. On the other hand, it increases the preference with high level user security. nordvpnIn 7-day free trial there is.

14 August 2019 16:17