What are Coding Languages ​​for Children?

Computer technologies have evolved so much that today there is something more important than learning to read and write: learn coding. It doesn’t even exaggerate to say ”next generation alphabet kodlama for coding. Since we do everything with computers and smart devices at hand, there is a need for software and coding for each application we use and for each application we install. Coding, now a must in schools’ curricula, is the most important language children should learn from an early age! If you ask what coding languages ​​are for children, why coding is important, we have compiled the answers for you.

coding, it is seen as one of the ways for children to develop themselves with a powerful, modern, ubiquitous technology. In fact, this was first discovered in the 1960s, when computer technologies were not so advanced. Seymour Papert and MIT researchers are the first coding language designed for children. LogoIn those years, he developed Logo and children programmed the movements of a turtle. This gave children the opportunity to produce new ideas in science. Today, with coding, many things are already being done from an early age. The most important part of life coding schools ‘curricula, countries’ curricula.

Why Should Children Learn Coding?

If we think that everything has started to be done through software in the developing world, the children should be able to take their place in this new world. coding (software) training was a must. Because to children coding and computer programs training Preparing them for the future is also important for a better future for personal development and self-confident individuals. We can say that children who do not know the software will seem to be illiterate in the future. Coding training children mathematics, science, problem solving, teamwork, project based thinking, creative arts and in many other areas. Children first of all algorithmic and design-oriented thinking.

Coding: A New Language
Learning programming is no different than learning a new language. Experts agree that the sooner you learn coding, the easier it will be. Just like learning a foreign language…

With these, coding Today, it is used in all areas from law to medicine, construction, health, education and public areas, and in the near future 60% of new jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics will be associated with computers. It is also estimated that by 2020 there will be 1 million vacant technical job positions in the US due to lack of engineers. Computer engineering is one of the most gaining and popular occupations among the new graduates.

Coding as a New Art

Don’t say, sanat Can art do without coding çünkü because it does. Even new liberal artsIt is accepted as one of. Liberal arts are designed to prepare people for life and help students understand the world better. Coding is becoming an increasingly important area for understanding what is happening in the digitalizing world.

Coding Sites for Children

With each passing day we are moving towards a more intertwined life with technology. Movies and series are preparing us for this. One of the most popular series of the last period Black MirrorThe subject of this is precisely on it. If you want your child to advance and make a difference in coding, take a look at the entry-level coding sites. Here are the languages ​​to the program that will make children love coding!


Bringing together various media tools such as painting, music and sound for children, children can make animations, design their own computer games and tell their stories in an interactive way. Free, graphical programming language Scratchis a very suitable program for primary school children to understand what can be done with computers. An important feature of Scratch is that you do not need internet connection to work. Let’s underline that it is a program suitable for 8-16 age group.


In Blockly, it is aimed to complete the short and simple tasks of the system with coding to learn programming logic rather than designing games or animations. JavasScript, Python, PHP, Lua and Darts It is also possible to implement simple Android applications in Blockly using programming languages ​​such as. Let’s underline that it is suitable for children over 10 years.


Alice is a free 3D programming tool designed to teach the basic concepts of object-oriented programming languages ​​such as C ++. Children using this program can create games and animations from camera movements and 3D models. This program, which can be downloaded and used on a computer, is also suitable for children over 10 years old.

Swift Playgrounds

Apple’s iPad application, this program is intended to develop code for children to write applications. In this way, from an early age children can write code, generate algorithms and solve different problems. Swift Playgrounds Instead of writing letter to letter code, tiny code snippets, words or functions can be combined by selecting and applications can be made.

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