What are the Internet Speed ​​Increasing Methods?

Time is time because it’s not enough. We are in a race with everything during the day. In this sense, the internet provided a vital convenience and accelerated everything. We do not waste time and do not get tired while shopping, we do not have to travel distances for emergency meetings, we do not wait for days for letters. It takes only a few minutes for news from the other end of the world to reach us! What if one day the internet slows down? Here are methods to increase the speed of the internet!

Isn’t it a great chance that we have a blessing like the internet at hand? Now we can read newspapers and books over the internet and even listen to them on the way to work thanks to applications. We don’t waste time shopping, whatever we order comes to our feet. We can conduct business meetings and even very important meetings over the internet. The Internet shortens distances and saves time. But from another angle, it increases the speed of the race. This brings the necessity of internet speed to be very high. So, is Murphy in place? No, of course it doesn’t. Have you ever been disconnected before downloading a very important and loaded file and now nearing the end, or did your screen freeze in the most exciting scene of a movie? If you don’t want to waste time and have problems like this, you should know the methods that will increase your internet speed.

Check Your Service Provider

If there is a slowdown in your internet speed, you should first check your internet speed. If you are using ADSL, VDSL, Fiber or cable internet, you have chosen one of the speeds offered to you. These speeds can be up to 8 MB, 16 MB, 25 MB, 50 MB or up to 100 MB or even 1 GB for fiber connections. Read your contract with your service provider and see your speed again. Then you need to check if the internet problem is on the broadband connection. To verify this, connect the PC directly to the router using an ethernet cable and perform an Internet speed test. You need to interpret the results. If results are lower than the speed that your Internet service provider promises to you, you should contact your service provider.

Close Background Programs

In order to increase your Internet speed, you need to close all programs in the background that are exchanging data on your computer. Especially, programs like Torrent generate high data traffic. After closing these programs, check your speed again. Programs running in the background, especially in products such as phones and tablets, discharge the battery very quickly and shorten your battery life.

Check Modem Security Settings

If your wireless signal is still high and your internet speed is still slow, you should check your modem. You may not have set your modem security settings, which increases the likelihood of others using your Internet network. You don’t want to lose your speed and quota to others, do you? First, be sure to define a password for your wireless network. This password will prevent anyone who wants to access your internet network from outside, and only the users you allow will be able to access your modem.

Another point to be careful about the modem is the connection between the modem and the computer… If your modem lights up, but you can not access the Internet if you get the correct IP, it is useful to see if your DNS settings are correct. You should note that some users do not use their service provider’s DNS. The problems that occur in different DNS servers entered into the computer or modem can slow down the internet speed. Remember to check the DNS server settings.

Or Virus?

One of the important factors that cause your internet speed to fall is internet viruses! If you have done all your hardware checks, you have not seen any problems, but your speed is still low: caution: Your computer may be infected. With a good virus program, you should scan your computer and free it from viruses! Otherwise, you can not increase your speed and after a while you may have to say goodbye to your computer and all your private information.

14 August 2019 16:16