What is Software Engineering?

The 21st century is a century in which technology is developing very rapidly and incorporating many innovations into our lives. Moreover, we can say that we have undergone radical changes before even completing the first quarter. The effect of computer technologies is quite high in this elbette With the development of computer technologies, the need for software engineers is increasing. So, what is software engineering? What do software engineers do? You can find the answers you are looking for in this article.

Nowadays, there is a serious digital transformation. Moreover, this transformation has accelerated in recent years. This is where we began to feel the effects more and more towards the end of the 90s, digital conversionhas changed many things in our lives. While embedding some things in the pages of history, he has added some innovations to our lives and continues to do so. For example, we rarely come across home telephones, and even soon they will take their place in technology museums, but the video call that we once said “no longer, would it happen” has become commonplace in life. Leave the computer, we can now shop anywhere and in any way, even through our phone. Mobile technologies is progressing day by day. It is almost impossible to survive without computer programs. All of this makes some angels out of circulation. However, it reveals some of the new professions, while the shine of some of the professions. Here software engineeringhas emerged as one of the professions whose stars have become increasingly bright in recent years.

Software engineering, ie with its original name Software Engineering It is one of the most valid professions of today, where user needs are identified and software requirements that are compatible with these needs are identified and developed. One software engineer The process is as follows: First, the software language that is compatible with the needs and requirements is determined and then the process of creating the software planned to perform the function begins. However, software engineers are not only active in the creation of the software, they need the expertise of software engineers at every stage, from the selection of the team to create the software to the end user testing.

The basic task of software engineersNi can be defined as: End-user-oriented software to create new or existing software to ensure the development. Let us remind you that we do almost every job with the help of software. The smartphones you use have software, as well as every application you install on those smartphones is also a software and it is not possible to make life effective without them.

What Do Software Engineers Do?

Software engineer If you think only someone who writes code when you say, you are wrong because every step in the creation of software requires engineering knowledge. When creating a software which coding languagen issues in which it is used, in which sector it serves, which software it creates, and its ability to create complex algorithms. The salary of software engineers, which you think is one of today’s shining professions, changes depending on these factors.

A software engineer carries out a chain of service processes, including planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. In the planning stage, considering the needs of the users software algorithm software engineers determine the hardware requirements associated with it. During the analysis phase, data analysis is conducted to determine the purpose of the software and of course the expectations of the customers. scenario diagrams Plotting. Software is designed to meet the needs of the design process. Of course, the visual design will also determine the user experience of the software. Since the software engineer determines how the software works, it is useful to get support from the professionals at the visual stage. After the completion of the software during the implementation phase, coding and tests are performed. User experience test is also performed at this stage. As Bon, the maintenance phase is started. Updates can be made at this point. However, it is worth noting that software service is not a service that can be called ım I have done it, it has been done and it is done ”. As long as that software is used, the maintenance phase of the software will not end and the need for the software engineer does not end. The tasks of software engineers can be summarized as follows:

  • To establish customer relations related to the software to be prepared,
  • To make analysis and design depending on the information received from customers,
  • Write a program, test this program written and fix these deficiencies
  • After the software is running smoothly, if necessary to prepare the instructions for use to ensure the training of users.

Who can be a Software Engineer?

When it becomes one of the prominent professions of today, it is one of the professions that the new generation is most oriented towards, software engineering. Well, can anyone be a software engineer? What qualifications do the people who will perform this profession have to have?

First of all, those who want to be a software engineer must have a design ability. They also need to be interested in science and mathematics. People who can transfer what they know, careful, patient, prone to teamwork, open to new ideas, can improve themselves constantly, it is useful to turn to this profession. The education of the profession is related to the Software Engineering of the Faculties of Engineering and Computer Sciences. Software Engineering Graduate Programat

Where can Software Engineers Work?

A software engineer can work anywhere and in any sector where computer systems are used and developed. Among these, banking, telecommunications, automotive and hospital sectors are among the best examples to be given. Today software engineeringwhat is needed is quite a lot because the number of people performing this profession is not so much. However, if you think that there is a rising trend and that more people will do this job in the future, it will be important to have the equipment that will make a difference. It is also worth noting that software engineers generally work in areas such as programming, testing, business analyst, database expertise and project management.

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